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The ROMANIAN FOUNDRY TECHNICAL ASSOCIATION (ATTR) publishes "REVISTA DE TURNATORIE" (ROMANIAN FOUNDRY JOURNAL), 6 issues/year magazine, which is mainly concerned of romanian foundry industry (Romanian Language; 36 pages; Number of subscribers: 500; International Exchanges: 32).

DIRECTOR: Laurentiu SOFRONI (member of the Romanian Technical Science Academy)

"REVISTA DE TURNATORIE" journal is distributed to all romanian foundries, research institutes, technical universities, supply and sale companies, which have business in foundry industry.

The journal is also offered in exchange for other similar 25 foundry journals which are published in foreign countries.

At present, romanian casting production is 500,000 metric tons/year and includes gray, ductile, malleable and white irons, steel, Cu, Al, Zn base alloys, in more than 300 foundries. Many foundries intend to modernise their production facilities, in the aim to increase productivity and improve the castings quality, especially for the export.


ROMANIAN FOUNDRY JOURNAL offers the following advertising options:
  • Advertising, with a fee of 100 EURO/Page A4 Black/White or 250 EURO/Page A4 - Coloured Cover of the journal, or 150 EURO / Page A4 inside special pages.
  • Technical papers , in order to support the offers (fees: 100 EURO for 1 Page A4, 75 EURO / Page A4 for 2..3 pages and 50 EURO/Page A4 for more than 3 pages, but max. 6 pages, Black/White).
  • Castings requirements romanian foundries (50 EURO/Page A4, Black/White).

Advertising materials have to be prepared according to the following requirements:

  • Papers will be printed in Latin letters, in the English, German of French language; we will translate them in Romanian language.
  • Please write metrological correctly (respecting consistently the legal measurement), using the appropriate terminology.
  • The application of Si-units is preferred.
  • Graphic presentation (drawings, diagrams and photographs) have to be in original, high resolution, and enclosed separately from the text. The width of the lines in bold type for the most convenient reduction should be about 0.5 mm and the width of other lines should be 0.3 mm for broken and 0.2 mm for subsidiary lines.
  • In order to have a fast and correct printing, it is requested that the papers are provided on the compatible MS DOS, in ASCII format.
NOTE: For advertising in the next number of the journal, materials should be sent within 3 months before.

ADRESS: ATTR - Redactia Revista de Turnatorie, Universitatea POLITEHNICA Bucuresti, Facultatea Stiinta si Ingineria Materialelor - SIM - JB203, Splaiul Independentei nr.313, Sector 6, Bucuresti, Cod 060042

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